Sponsorship Request

Tin Man Brewing Company wants you to become one of us… and we want to become one of you!  As only one cog in the machine of our community, Tin Man wants to take part in as many events and philanthropic opportunities as we can.  Want to include us?  Here are the blueprints: 

We need time.  Any good robot needs some time to warm up and get ready, and for Tin Man Brewing Company, we like to be prepared.  If you are interested in having Tin Man at your event, give us your information at least 2 months in advance.  This gives us time to evaluate, calculate, plan and deploy.

We need data.  Good data helps us determine if your event and Tin Man are a good match.  At least two months in advance of the event, send the following information to 1430 W Franklin St, Evansville, IN 47710:

  • Event date/time
  • Event location
  • Contact person
  • Number of projected attendees
  • Sampling opportunities
  • Signage opportunities
  • Media coverage
  • Donation requested

Once a month, we will review each opportunity and be in touch.

We need you. We look forward to being part of as many community events as we can as Tin Man grows, but even robots need rest.  If we can’t be part of your event this time, we wish you luck and encourage you to think of us next time.