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Forbidden Grapefruit

Forbidden Grapefruit


Forbidden Grapefruit Gose is a modern twist on ancient style. This beer originated in the Middle Ages in Goslar, Germany along the Gose River, but Leipzig made it popular. Grapefruit Gose is a refreshingly tart beer made even more thirst quenching with the addition of grapefruit. The grapefruit enhances the customary coriander addition and helps balance out the saltiness. Yes, that’s right, salt! Originally the beer was brewed with saline water from mineral-rich aquifers around the old Goslar brew houses. Grapefruit Gose is a fruity and tart, refreshingly quaffable beer perfect for hot summer days.

ALC BY VOL: 4.8% IBU: 4
YEAST:American Ale
MALTS:2-Row, White Wheat