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Clockwork Reindeer

Clockwork Reindeer

Winter Warmer

Collaboration with The Tap Brewery

When robots rule the earth and the humans cower away in their underground shelters, Santa will need to upgrade his reindeer to get his job done. Santa’s clockwork herd will blast from bunker to bunker handing out goodies to the children and a wonderfully spiced strong ale to the grownups. Cinnamon, allspice and a hint of orange peel dominate the aroma. This brown-hued ale has a malty-sweet character from locally sourced malts accentuated with holiday spice that is followed up with a nice warmth for the winter season. A gift from us at Tin Man Brewing Company and The Tap Brewery to Indiana on its 200th birthday!

ALC BY VOL: 10.4% IBU: 15
YEAST:American Ale
MALTS:2-Row, Caramel Malts, Dextrine Malts, Dark Roasted Malts, Munich Malts, Oats, Mulling Spices