Innovative Process

Innovative Process

Conservation of resources isn’t just necessary for the survival of the human race, it’s responsible business. That’s why Tin Man Brewing Company has taken several different steps to achieve sustainability, combining together into a smart, innovative process unlike any other brewery.


Tin Man’s first secret weapon is the High Efficiency Brewing System (alias HEBS). The largest part of how HEBS works is the mash filter, ordinarily found only in larger breweries. This system conserves water and energy, performing the same output as other traditional methods with 40% less water and 15-20% less grain.

Tin Man Brewing Company is the first brewery in the United States to utiize HEBS.

Aluminum Cans

As the final step in its innovative process, Tin Man Brewing Company uses aluminum cans for its quality craft beers. A sustainable metal, aluminum can be recycled indefinitely to create more beverage receptacles, robot chassis or other materials. Within one thousand four hundred and forty hours, or approximately two months, an aluminum can is recycled, reformed into a new can, and put back on store shelves. Production of aluminum cans use a fraction of energy used to produce bottles, and if you’re asking what’s in it for you, well—as an added benefit, aluminum also requires less energy to cool down, providing you with chilled beer at prime efficiency.