Evansville Location

Evansville Location


People like to gather, to mingle, to meet. Even some of the first true “robots” came as a pair, slow-moving and inquisitive, thirsty for information. For early Americans, a place to gather and meet, to move around and ask questions was important. True civilized towns were few and far between, so taverns sprung up as a combination of meeting hall, trading post, news hub, business center and post office. But even all those functions led to one thing: being together.

The taproom at Tin Man Brewing Company has a rich history of its own. Constructed in 1869, it was home to a boarding house with a tavern on the bottom floor. In this tavern, problems were solved, questions were answered, and ideas for the future were hatched. Tin Man Brewing strives to bring the feel of the old tavern to our modern day taproom. When you need a break from the pace of life and the rush of technology, the best thing to do is find a place to be together. That’s why our taproom is the best place to let your gears wind down and the good times wind up.

All ages are welcome in the taproom and even four-footed friends may visit on the patio. We invite you to join us for a pint, a bite to eat from our modest menu, and to enjoy the camaraderie of those who love craft beer.

Just a few simple rules we ask you to follow:

  • 21+ in the bar area
  • No smoking on the patio
  • Please do not open growlers in the tap room
  • 1 beer/1 ID (we have to check everybody)